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Google Tag Manager is a tool used to manage codes and scripts (i.e. so-called tags) in a given store or website.

Appropriate use of tags primarily allows more efficient use of resources that are used in internet marketing.

What are the benefits of Google Tag Manager? See for yourself!

5 advantages of using Google Tag Manager

1. You don’t have to be a programmer

Only a few years ago we had to wait for IT specialists to upload of remarketing codes or scripts to our site. At the moment, we use Google Tag Manager to efficiently manage tags, despite the lack of programming knowledge. However, keep in mind that for more advanced features, webmaster support may be necessary.

2. The possibility of easy code (tags) management and testing

Google Tag Manager contains many predefined functions, which facilitates the implementation of many advanced tracking codes. Additionally due to the fact that all changes in marketing codes and scripts are made in the Google Tag Manager account and not directly on the website, we do not risk any code interfering our store or website. Such integration also allows easier and more efficient code management as well as the possibility of testing codes before publishing and connecting them to the site.

3. Improved page or store loading

Thanks to the use of Google Tag Manager, all advanced scripts which, for example, inform Facebook about the fact that someone has added to the basket or bought a specific product, can be implemented directly into the Google Tag Manager account, instead of on the website. Only one script will be implemented on the website instead, namely the Google Tag Manager script. As a result, the Google Tag Manager Account will automatically load the relevant scripts in the Google cloud, which will positively affect the loading speed of our website.

4. The ability to add tags from various sources

The important quality of Google Tag Manager is that we don’t have to add codes and scripts coming from Google only. Users have the opportunity to create their own custom tags, tailored to individual needs, as well as to use Google competitors’ codes such as Facebook or Twitter.

5. Adaptation for websites and applications

GTM works on various devices, thus it can be adapted to both websites and mobile applications.

6. Black list of tags

This feature is especially useful if you are worried about the pages being attacked by malware. Defining tags that will never be implemented into the page is an additional protection worth using.

7. Free tool

Both in Poland and in the world, there are plenty of tools that allow you to manage your tags. Many of them are also available in free versions, but their capabilities compared to Google Tag Manager are quite limited. This is the reason why Google’s solution has become the most popular.

Google Tag Manager is an extremely effective method for managing marketing tags. We can monitor and change them using one tool, which significantly improves everyday work. It also has a number of additional functions, which from the point of view of any industry can be extremely useful.

There are many more advantages of using Google Tag Manager, but the ones mentioned above significantly differentiate this solution from other available both on Polish and foreign markets.

More about Google Tag Manager is described here:

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