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We can support you in the following areas:

  • Search engine campaigns – SEA
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Gmail campaigns
  • YouTube campaigns
  • Display Network campaigns
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Dynamic remarketing in AdWords

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Do you want to achieve measurable effects?

As part of our campaigns we use Google Tag Manager which is a tool that we define the most important thing for your company with – conversions. (campaign goals)

Therefore we can say exactly how successful our campaigns are.
(with accuracy down to a cent!)


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We will support you successfully with both text and AdWords shopping campaigns!

Thanks to search engines campaigns and a corresponding configuration, you will be able to reach people who are looking for your products or services at precisely that moment.

Do you sell a variety of different products in your online shop?

Thanks to dynamic conversion values, you will always know how much profit individual campaigns are generating for you.

Or maybe you just want to get more calls or data, like emails from potential customers? We can also measure this very precisely, which means that we will optimize your campaigns accordingly so that you achieve the highest ROAS!


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In order to be really successful in online advertising, the usage of remarketing campaigns is almost necessary.

However, many advertisers forget about this, even though remarketing campaigns have a great deal of potential, which should be taken advantage of.

Thanks to AdWords Remarketing, we can use personal advertising to reach people who have in some way already visited your website or interacted with your company online. For example, they’ve watched your video on YouTube.

To use such remarketing campaigns, you will need to install a remarketing code to your website or into Google Tag Manager. (We can also help you with this.)


Do you remember the last time you were interested in a product and then the same one was displayed on many other websites? As if the product had been spying on you? It was because the advertiser set up dynamic remarketing in his shop! Thanks to a good configuration of dynamic remarketing, you will be able to achieve even more profit with your products. We can take care of this!

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Are you interested in Gmail or YouTube campaigns?

Ongoing optimization, adjustments and control of the results!

In order for AdWords accounts to be successful, their effects must be continuously monitored, evaluated and optimized. That is why we continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns so that we can react as quickly as possible to every trend and change and so that your campaigns can continuously improve their performance.
As part of our support, we not only take changes within your advertising account into account, but also always react to your wishes and suggestions.


  • Advertising on Facebook

  • Advertising on Instagram

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Mailing campaigns

  • AdWords advertising activities

    Campaigns in Gmail
    YouTube campaigns
    Google search campaigns
    Google Display Network campaigns

  • Preparation and implementation of funnels and sales strategies

  • Preparing video campaigns

  • Marketing training

  • Advertising in other Social Media


Thanks to our knowledge and many years of experience in using these advertising platforms, we are able to prepare for you an optimal marketing strategy that will allow you to get the highest possible return on investment in marketing activities.

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