In our opinion, an online marketing campaign can't be successful without subjecting it to measurement and precise analysis

That’s why we always define the goals and individual conversions for each of our campaigns in advance.

This enables us to tell exactly how effective individual campaigns are and what ROAS they achieve.

*ROAS is the abbreviation for Return On Ad Spend

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Do you want to achieve measurable effects?

As part of our campaigns we use Google Tag Manager which is a tool that we define the most important thing for your company with – conversions. (campaign goals)

Therefore we can say exactly how successful our campaigns are.
(with accuracy down to a cent!)

Implementation of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

After corresponding implementation of individual conversions and their values to Google Tag Manager and the correct configuration of a Google Analytics account, we can see, among other things, exactly:
  • How much it costs to win a new customer

  • How much you need to spend on Facebook to sell Product X

  • How much a new lead costs

  • How much a newsletter subscription on Facebook costs compared to Google Ads (AdWords), LinkedIn, etc.

  • How much you need to invest in advertising to generate a $X additional revenue

  • How much a video view on Facebook costs compared to a video view on your website or YouTube

  • How much a potential customer clicks on a particular button

  • How much sales a specific referral link generated for the publication which you paid an influencer for

However, these are only some examples, as design options are almost unlimited!
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Configuring a Google Analytics account

Configuring Google Analytics appropriately gives you the ability to access information about your target group such as:

  • Demographic characteristics
  • Behavior on the website
  • Which keywords generate the most revenue for you (keywords from both SEO and SEA)
  • What a successful customer journeys looks like

Have we made you curious?

I hope we convinced you of the importance of proper implementation. After the configuration of Google Analytics, the Google Tag Manager setup begins.

Configuration of Google Tag Manager

If you use Google Tag Manager, you can save and manage all important codes (tags) that are necessary for successful advertising campaigns directly in this tool.

Therefore, not only will your campaigns perform better, but there will be no need of changing your website structure when defining individual tags anymore. A Google Tag Manager code will now be installed directly onto your page.

All other codes (tags) will then be loaded into the Google Tag Manager Cloud. This means that your website will load faster and you will have access to measurement tools that you would normally have to program.

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Our service

  • Configuring data in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

  • Discussion of your marketing goals and, in relation to them and to historical data, configuration of goals in Google Analytics

  • E-commerce configuration

  • Implementation of remarketing tags

  • Creation of a tag container

  • Configuration of Google Analytics

  • Creation and implementation of Facebook Pixel

  • Creation, configuration and implementation of Facebook conversion events

  • Definition and implementation of AdWords conversion tags

  • Implementation of LinkedIn Tags

  • Configuration of dynamic conversion values for e-commerce

  • Installation of other tools such as “Hotjar” or “Callpage”


  • Advertising on Facebook

  • Advertising on Instagram

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Mailing campaigns

  • AdWords advertising activities

    Campaigns in Gmail
    YouTube campaigns
    Google search campaigns
    Google Display Network campaigns

  • Preparation and implementation of funnels and sales strategies

  • Preparing video campaigns

  • Marketing training

  • Advertising in other Social Media


Thanks to our knowledge and many years of experience in using these advertising platforms, we are able to prepare for you an optimal marketing strategy that will allow you to get the highest possible return on investment in marketing activities.

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