Participants of this training will learn how to properly use Google Ads advertising tools and how to create professional and effective advertising campaigns in the Google search engine, in search engines belonging to the Google advertising network, and Google display campaigns.

In addition, we will answer the question of how to define the right audience for an advertising campaign in Google Ads, and how to create remarketing campaigns that give you advantage over the competition and the highest possible return of investment in advertising.

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Educational goal

The knowledge gained during this training will allow the participant to effectively create advertising campaigns in the search engine and the Google advertising network.

Every day, thousands of people look for your services and products on Google. Thanks to this training you will be able to reach them with a well-optimized advertising campaign.

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Training program

  • Everything that should be set up on a website or in Google Analytics to start the process of creating an effective campaign
  • How to create effective advertising campaigns in the search engine
  • How to set up campaigns so that they bring the greatest possible return on investment
  • How to optimize SEA campaigns
  • The most common mistakes that are made even by professional advertisers and marketing agencies
  • What remarketing and search campaigns have in common, and why you need to use remarketing lists for search campaigns
  • How to set up display campaigns on the Google Display Network
  • How to optimize display campaigns
  • How to create remarketing campaigns on the Google Display Network
  • How to measure the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns

Target group

Entrepreneurs, people responsible for marketing in the company, programmers, people who want to create measurable and well-optimized campaigns in search engines and the Google advertising network.

When and why is in-house it worth it?

As part of the training, we will create an advertising campaign together for the Google search engine and advertising network and refer to specific cases of training participants. After that, our trainer will show you and explain what needs to be done to create remarketing campaigns in Google Ads. We recommend in-house training especially if you or your team want to be able to actively participate in the training by asking questions and if you want our trainer to discuss your campaigns or your marketing strategies and tools implemented with them directly.

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Learning materials

After the training, you will receive a video, available 24 hours a day on our training platform. In addition, you will find the diagram of the marketing strategy discussed during the training on the platform, in the attachment, available for download. Access to the recording is granted for a period of 365 days.


Training evaluation methods:

• access to video recordings

• participant satisfaction survey

• practical tasks


Duration of training:

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

How to participate in the training?

To take part of the Online Marketing Help in-house training, click on the Contact tab on

In the contact form, write:

What subject of the training interests you
Place of training
The date which you would like the training to be conducted on
The number of people who will participate
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How much does in-house training cost?

After filling out our contact form and answering all of the questions mentioned above, we will be able to prepare a non-binding offer for you.

Why choose in-house training from Online Marketing Help?

Our trainings are conducted by Damian Szczepański, who has many years of experience in creating online campaigns for international holdings, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as start-ups. We will be happy to provide you with references from our clients to confirm our competences. This is also confirmed by our official Google partnership.

In addition to that, all our training courses are run on real accounts and advertising platforms. Thanks to that, you can see the settings in real life and not just beautifully styled PowerPoint presentations.

At the same time, we would like to emphasize that our company is not only a training company, but also an interactive agency providing internet marketing services for many international companies. Thanks to this, we can provide training services at the highest level, because the content discussed during training courses is based on real case studies and is fully applicable in practice.

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Do you have any questions?

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