Creating a professional website

Nowadays, a website has become an integral part of a well-functioning and prosperous company in most industries.

Your website should not only be a virtual graphics card for your company, but also a functionally well thought-out marketing tool that is optimized in terms of search engine algorithms.

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The quality of your website can be closely related to the effectiveness of customer acquisition and thus to the sales results in your company.

This doesn’t depend on an advanced level of programming, but it is based on the installation and configuration of various tools with which we make your website user-friendly and optimize it with regard to search engines and Internet campaigns.

Additionally, by using different tracking codes you can receive a lot of important and useful information about your customers.

Your new website

Online Marketing Help is one of the few companies on the market that can ensure the creation of a website that is immediately adapted for advanced marketing activities as well as for the majority of all advertising campaigns on the Internet.

As part of the website creation, we integrate your page with:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics

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Creating an online shop

If you intend to sell your products or services directly on a website, this offer is for you.

Why do we think so?

We not only create an efficient, user-friendly and integrated online shop, but also prepare it for the most important types of e-commerce campaigns such as Google Shopping campaigns or dynamic remarketing campaigns.

The infrastructures we create are fully automated so that you can make profits regardless of the time you invest.

Our service

  • Configuration of the product catalog in Google Merchant Center

  • Configuration of dynamic conversions and e-commerce values for Google Analytics

  • Configuration of the product catalog on Facebook Ads

  • Creation of dynamic conversion values for Pixel Facebook

  • Synchronization of data from Facebook Pixel Events and Facebook product catalogs

  • Linking product catalogs to advertising platforms and their corresponding configuration

Google Search Console

Seo settings

For each subpage, we create meta descriptions on your website as well as old descriptions for images and photos.

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    Meta description

    The meta description is an element of a page code that is displayed in the form of a page description in the search engine results. Its transparency and attractiveness increases the interest of the visitors, as well as the CTR and the number of page views of your website.

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    Alt text description

    Alt Text Description (Alt Text) is a text description that is added to the HTML tag of an image on a web page. The entire text description is easy to read for search engines and is therefore used to tailor the website to the search results.


Thanks to our knowledge and many years of experience in using these advertising platforms, we are able to prepare for you an optimal marketing strategy that will allow you to get the highest possible return on investment in marketing activities.

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