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What is remarketing?

Nowadays, remarketing is one of the most popular methods of creating advertising campaigns on the Internet. Thanks to remarketing, we have the ability to reach potential customers who have previously visited our website.

Surely in the past, you happened to watch a product or service on the Internet and then on many other websites or on social media channels not directly related to this product, you still saw the advertisement of this product. This is how remarketing works.

All these activities are primarily aimed at achieving specific conversion goals that affect the sale of the services or products.

How does remarketing work?

Using remarketing is quite intuitive. Even without programming knowledge, we are able to create a remarketing campaign. How to get started?

Most advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. provide the advertiser with relevant and dedicated remarketing codes.

To start using remarketing, you need to paste the platform code on your own website or online store. This code will run the so-called “cookies” on users who have visited our website. It may also directly send information about actions taken on our website to the given advertising platform whose code we have implemented, so that, e.g. Facebook knows not only who was on our site, but also what activity the visitor performed on it.

What are remarketing lists and what opportunities do they provide?

After implementing the appropriate remarketing codes for the page you must also create remarketing lists on your platform.

For example, we create a list consisting of all people who visited our website in the last 180 days, and then, thanks to the code we implemented, this list will be expanded by all visitors to our website. We will be able to reach them with an advertising message within 180 days since they visited the site.

We can also configure remarketing lists according to specific rules, based on which the script will be adding users. For example, we can make lists containing people who have visited only specific subpages, or have clicked on a specific button (e.g. add to cart) or bought specific products.

Here are some examples of remarketing lists created in Google Ads:

In order to maximize the use of remarketing, it is a good idea to use the professional support of specialists who know how to effectively create remarketing lists and how to track the behavior of Internet users who visit our website.

Successfully carried out remarketing campaigns are a great way to influence the behavior of potential customers and convince them to take specific actions.

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