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Checking the number of visits to the website, verifying the behavior of recipients, analyzing the location, sources of entries – these and many other pieces of information are necessary to create valuable content on websites. The tool that gives such opportunities is Google Analytics. However, to access detailed data, it is necessary to have a profile. How to set up a Google Analytics account? The most important tips can be found below.

Creating a Google Analytics account step by step

Before creating a Google Analytics profile, it is required to have a Google account. If we do not have it, then we can create it in a simple and intuitive way, like a typical email at by clicking the “Create Account” option.

Action I: login

If you already have a Gmail account or a Google Account, such as Google Suite, you can easily create a Google Analytcis account. To do this, go to, log in to your Google account, and then select Start for free / Create an account – located on the right, which will start the account creation process

Action II: form

After selecting the “Create account” option, click the “Registration” button. A form will appear on the screen, which has to be completed in accordance with the following instructions.

Step 1 – we choose the type of activity. If we run a website, then we choose a website.

Step 2 – account name.  Enter the name that will allow you to find the project (Property). It does not necessarily have to reflect the full name of the website.

Step 3 – website name. You can assign several services to one account, therefore you should not name it the same as accounts. The optimal solution would be to enter the name of the website.

Step 4 – URL: Enter the address of the website that you intend to track and analyze using Google Analytics.

Step 5 – industry category: we indicate the one in which we conduct our activities.

Step 6 – time zone: we choose the time zone adequate to the place of residence.

Step 7 – consent: sharing Google data to develop Google Analytics – we selected yes or no.

Step 8 we choose the “Download tracking ID” button, accept the regulations and the GDPR policy. Then we are redirected to the section with the tracking code that was generated for our site.

As you can see, creating a Google Analytics account is very simple and very intuitive. In this entry we write about using Google Analytics. We invite you to read and subscribe to our social media.

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