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By connecting Google Analytics with a Google Ads account, we have the ability to analyze the behaviors and activities of the clients we acquire thanks to Google Ads campaigns. This way we get information about the percentage of traffic and conversions (e.g. purchases) on the website that comes from this type of campaign.

Linking Google Analytics account to Google Ads account

To link these two accounts, follow the steps below.

1. Log in to your Google Ads account:

2. After logging in, select the tool icon in the upper right corner and then the linked accounts option in the configuration section.

3. Click the Google Analytics section and select the details.

4. After selecting the details option, we will see a list of Google Analytics services that are assigned to our account. The status column informs us whether the service is already connected to Google Ads.

5. At this stage, we proceed to the connection of services. In the action column, we select the connect option, regarding to the Google Analytics service that we want to link to the Google Ads account.

6. After selecting the connect option, one of the two screens will be displayed. It will depend on how many views the selected service has.

  • One data view: only the view name will be shown. In this case, you should click import site data option. As a result, the data contained in the Google Ads service will start displaying in our Google Analytics account.
  • Several views of data: in this case, the screen will display a list of all views that can be assigned. At this stage, we have the option of choosing one of the two options below.
  1. By choosing the option: connect, we will make Google Ads’ cost and impression data appear also in Google Analytics, and Google Analytics’ goals and transactions will be displayed in Google Ads.
  2. If we have many views, it is recommended to choose the option: import website data.

7. After completing all the information and selecting the appropriate sections, click ‘save’.

All linked accounts and services can be edited or deleted at any time.

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